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Frying Range Styles

Each shop is different, that’s why we put great importance on carrying out extensive and detailed site surveys, giving us the opportunity to get a detailed outline of what you are trying to achieve and therefore which style best suit your requirements.

Fryline manufacture various styles of ranges to suit all locations and as part of the design review will always produce detailed CAD drawings allowing you to visualise the different options and make the very best informed decision. A decision we know the importance of, it will probably be the 2nd biggest investment you make after the purchase of the business.

Counter Plan Counter Plan
Island Plan Island Plan
Wall Plan Wall Plan

Which style best suits your needs:

Counter: The favourite type of range in recent years, allows the fryer to have friendly face to face contact with your customers and uniquely when times are quieter, allows one person to both fry and serve customers.

Island: Well suited to busy shops, allows servers to work from the front, and fryer from behind the range. Featuring ‘pass through’ chip boxes and top display cabinets with sliding doors both sides.
Eliminating fryer / servers getting in each other’s way.

Wall: The traditional layout, with the fryer and server working back to back, with the fryer facing away from customers allowing you to get on with the task in hand, making the best use of the most compact shops.

Range Styles

Range Styles

Which pan size is right for you:

We’ve found that experienced fryers prefer to decide which pan is used for chips and which pan is used for fish and indeed if you want to rotate pans during the session. That’s why all our pans are universal with simple flat bases, allowing you the flexibility to choose what to fry in each pan.
We manufacture three sizes of pan to suit all situations:

Maxi Pan:
A true work horse able to consistently fry 20lbs / 10 kg of chips or 22 pieces of fish at a time – offering the very best in high efficiency & volume.

Midi Pan:
An old favourite from the old 2 foot wide pan in old money, still offering good fry performance and quantities whilst allowing a 3 pan range to be possible under the 3 metre length.

Snax Pan:
This compact pan still offers fantastic performance and perfect as a sundry pan for scampi, nuggets etc or for use in quieter times like the last hour of a quiet Tuesday evening etc.

Pan Data

Pan Options Maxi Pan Midi Pan Snax Pan
Pan Size: 780mm
x 530mm
x 530mm
x 530mm
Oil Capacity: 30–35 Litres 25–28 Litres 18–20 Litres
No. of Baskets: 4 3 2
Gas Efficiency: 90% 90% 90%
Gas Category: High Efficiency High Efficiency High Efficiency
Heat Input (NETT): 30kw 25kw 20kw
Depth of Pan: 250mm 250mm 250mm
Number of Welds: 2 2 2
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