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High Efficiency

Fryline has developed a unique burner and heat exchange system which offers some of the most highly efficient Frying Ranges available. CE certified at over 90% efficiency, our ranges are able to save you significant amounts on your gas bill.
Burner systems within traditional frying ranges, commonly run at 55% – 60% efficiency, meaning for every £100 spent on gas, only £55 to £60 of fuel would be used to actually cook the chips, the remaining £45 – £40 would simply be wasted up the chimney. This has serious consequences both environmentally and on your business finances. With the Fryline burner system £90 of that same £100 would go towards cooking your chips with only £10 going to waste. This will result in gas savings of approx 40%.

Safer Burner Systems

Safer Burner SystemsOne of the most common origins of fires in fish and chip shops is within the extraction ductwork of the frying range. Another benefit of the massive reduction in heat waste in a Fryline system is the resulting reduction in flue temperatures within this ductwork. Fryline ranges have an average flue temperature of only 90˚C, far lower than the temperatures required to ignite oil; commonly 300˚C. This means Fryline fryers are safer.

More Speed – Less Oil Consumption

Another positive side effect of the high efficiency of a Fryline Fryer is the increased performance and quick recovery speed of the temperature of the oil in the pan. When using a traditional fryer (at approx 170˚C), as you first put chips in, the oil temperature drops quickly to approx 120˚C – 130˚C. It’s at these low temperatures that the chips absorb oil. Normal pans remain at this temperature for a few minutes before slowly starting to heat back up, with the chips absorbing oil the whole time. After 7 to 8 minutes the chips may be cooked, but the oil is still only at approx 155˚C and takes a further 2 minutes after emptying the pan for the temperature to get back to the required 170˚C before the next batch of chips can be cooked.
With a Fryline pan, the moment the chips are in, the high accuracy thermostats sense the oil temperature drop and the high powered burners instantly start to quickly reheat the oil, meaning that even with 20lbs / 10kg of chips the lowest oil temperature may only be as low 140˚C and be at this temperature for only a minute or so. After approx 7 minutes the oil is back to 170˚C meaning as quickly as you can empty the pan you’re ready for the next fry. Meaning a possible increase in your output by approx 20 – 25%, and less oil is used.

Oil Filtration

Oil FiltrationThere can be few breakdown problems more frustrating and messy to resolve than a blockage in your oil filtration system. Fryline was determined to put together a system that should be almost block proof. We found that using a large diameter waste oil pipe (larger than most other frying range manufacturers) minimised the chance of potential blockages. Close mesh filtration cups catch debris before it can enter the waste pipe, and filtered oil is returned back to the pans through separate designated clean oil return pipes.
The filtration pump start/stop mechanism is cleverly designed into the oil handles, so turning the pumps on and off is easy. The oil drain valve is linked to the pan power supply so that when the oil drain valve is opened the pans are automatically turned off, a great safety feature.

Waste Oil Removal

Waste oil pump facility, meaning you can easily pump old oil out of pans straight into waste oil container, minimising messy oil transfers.


PansAll our pans are made from 5mm thick treated mild steel, not stainless steel. You may think this is a disadvantage, we don’t. Here’s why: the problem of most modern frying ranges has been cracks in pans, resulting in annoying down time, potential fire risks and expensive and messy repairs. Cracks are formed when the metal the pan is made of stresses and weakens, which happens during the natural movement caused by expanding and contracting as the metal is heated and cooled. If you heat up a 10m length of stainless steel it will expand by approx 15mm. A similar length of mild steel would only expand by approx 3mm.
Many other frying ranges use stainless steel pans, but as fish and chip pans are usually full of oil, rust is not an issue. Therefore by manufacturing our pans out of mild steel, we are able to minimise the expansion and contracting of the pans and so reduce the possibility of cracks appearing. We trust our pans so much we are happy to back all pans with an extended 3 year warranty against cracking.

Simple Pan Design

Fryline have coupled the design simplicity of a flat bottom pan for ease of cleaning, whilst still using minimal oil with no wasteful deep ‘cool zones’. With a Fryline pan every drop of the oil within the pan is used to fry the product, we believe that there is no point making a high efficiency burner system if you continue to waste oil. Using this simple design we have been able to minimise the main weak spots within the pans by only having two welds.

Basket Fry or Free Fry

Basket of Free FryBasket fry or traditional ‘free’ frying, it’s up to you! We understand you might be apprehensive about the use of baskets but are sure the benefits can soon be enjoyed, being able to shake a pan of chips in a few seconds, unload a pan into the chip box in seconds, have up to 4 x baskets of chips cooking in a pan at different stages at any one time, perfect for busier and quieter times alike.

Build Quality

All Fryline ranges are built on a solid foundation, all our frames / skeletons are manufactured from stainless steel, we don’t use mild steel and then paint like most manufacturers as we believe it’s only a matter of time until the paint flakes off, especially on the base of the frame around floor mop lines etc.


ConstructionUsing the very latest in technology, over 1.5 million pounds of the very latest laser cutting CNC folding machines we can benefit from the most precise manufacturing tolerances within 0.5mm with the obvious savings in unnecessary handling materials and the unfortunate but inevitable man made mistakes. Uniquely, we are able to manufacture a range of up to 10.6 metres in length in one continuous piece with no welds and more importantly no dirt traps or oil leaks.

In Built Quality & Reliability

For too many years we have suffered from the problem of manufacturers saving a few pounds on a cheaper component only for it to break down unnecessarily in the future. Our philosophy from the very start has been its better to buy the very best quality materials and parts, it is the unnecessary breakdowns that really costs both you in lost profit and ourselves in labour on warranty calls, thirdly we have tried to think ahead to our future stock holding requirements and therefore have minimised the number of different parts where ever possible, this has many benefits, we have less stock to carry both on our vans and at our head office and hopefully we both can benefit from a greater first time fix solution.

Ease of Use

Modern ranges have in recent years become taller, meaning you have lost the ability to chat with your customers, often having to dip down to see through the top box displays, that’s why we have worked hard to keep height to a minimum allowing you the informality of being able to easily see over and chat to customers when quiet times allow.

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