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Alpha Range Benefits

  • Open frying with better vision, you the fryer can see exactly what is happening in all pans at all times.

  • Fully welded-in pans and chip boxes making the range incredibly easy to keep clean with no hard to clean nooks and crannies.

  • Full length rear extraction plenum means steam escape is kept to the very minimal and the shop ambient air kept incredibly fresh.

  • Hinged rear doors for a sleek look that are both easy to clean and offer excellent access for maintenance.

  • Integral oil collection drawers meaning you can easily collect and remove oil before it ever enters the extraction system, making the range incredibly safe, and easy to maintain.

  • Eye level temperature controls for perfect controlling meaning everything in eyes view at all times.

  • Attractive curved front display acrylic / glass maximising the visual impact of cooked food in top display boxes.

Alpha Drain TapAlpha StorageAlpha Range Oil Draw

Frylogic Alpha Range

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