UK Manufacturers of Fish and Chip Frying Ranges

Fryline has been formed from the extensive knowledge of KLS Frying Range Services, a company with in excess of 20 years trading experience specialising in the Service & Repair of Fish and Chip Frying Ranges of all makes.
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On most service and breakdown calls for the last 5 years this new line of frying ranges has been at the forefront of Fryline's thinking, the company has been collecting feedback from many fryers about what they like about their own individual ranges, what they do not like, but more importantly what they think would be improvements, all these little snippets of information Fryline have put together to form the concept behind a British designed and built quality Fish & Chip Frying Range.

Fryline believes it can offer the complete package incorporating all these best ideas.
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At Fryline we believe we can offer a total package you will not be disappointed with.

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Part of the KLS Group
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